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BT PORTRAIT OF A CITY ARCHIVE – Telling the stories of Derry~Londonderry 2013 City of Culture – through the photographs, film and memories of its people.

Seeing Through New Eyes exhibition

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Creating a Digital Legacy

In 2013, we are seeking to create a portrait of our city that will speak to everyone in Derry-Londonderry and tell our story to the world.

BT Portrait of a City is a project that we are inviting every citizen to get involved in, as we draw upon the power of the image to reflect the changes over time that have shaped our city, to convey the social experiences of communities, to unlock memories and reveal the moments in our lives that define who we.

Thousands of such images exist in family albums, in the archives of newspapers, libraries, museums and television companies, and in the personal collections of the amateur photographers and home movie-makers who have recorded the intimate lives of their communities over many decades. Behind every image is a story waiting to be told.

BT Portrait of a City aims to bring these images together into a single online platform that will act as a digital memory bank for the entire city. You might think of it as a Doomsday Book for a digital age.

We want every community and individual to be part of this memory bank – to leave a unique footprint that will be seen for generations to come. BT Portrait of a City will support communities to take an active role in recording their own histories, creating their own films, photography exhibitions, e-books and apps that can be shared by everyone in the city and beyond.

This is a journey into the future as well as the past. Along the way there are new skills to be learned, new technologies to be acquired and a new generation to be inspired by the rich history all around them. Although we are only at the beginning of this journey, we are already grateful to the many organisations and individuals who have agreed to share their archives and personal collections and to work in partnership with us to tell the story of this city in all its myriad shades.

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